ET3 Ph

ET3 with phono stage, vacuum tube preamplifier

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The ET3 preamplifier is a case in point. The ET3 line-stage is a “baby” version of our flagship line-stage preamplifier, the GAT. The family resemblance is much more than skin deep. With voltage gain provided by a triode vacuum-tube, the zero-feedback line-stage circuit of the ET3, along with its DC voltage regulators, closely replicates the circuit of the GAT.

Line Stage
Gain: 25 dB
Maximum Output: 20 Vrms
Bandpass: 2Hz to more than 100kHz
Hum and Noise: 98 dB below 2.5V output
Distortion at 1.0 V output: less than .15% THD or IMD
Phase: inverts phase of all inputs (including phono) at main out
Main Ouput Impedance: 100 ohms
Optional Phono Stage
High Gain: 54 dB
Low Gain: 40 dB
Hum and Noise: 80 dB below 10 mV input
RIAA Equalization: within +/- .25 dB of RIAA specification
Dimensions: 13.125"D x 19"W x 3.315"H
Net Weight: 13 lb net


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