Elegance Double Seven Speakers

Elegance dB7 are significantly improved. The tweeter is now made of pure beryllium, which is the next best material to diamond. Furthermore the speaker is equipped with double 7-inch Kharma Composite Driver (KCD), which is based on a new cone technology especially developed by Kharma. The double 7 inch equipment of this new Elegance speaker explains the appropriate name Elegance dB7.

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Elegance dB7: Specifications

System features

This dB7 has an unique polygonal shaped cabinet for optimum phase behaviour and minimum group time-delay. Besides, the cabinet is made of 35 mm high density MDF to increase the neutrality of the cabinet and is equipped with advanced acoustic damping materials to absorb the energy in a wide frequency range.

The beauty of the new Elegance dB7 is shown by the many small details. First of all this speaker has trimmable luxury rings around the drivers, which hide the mechanical screws of the driver. Moreover the speaker is accentuated by many chrome details like the logo plates on the front and side, parts of the completely redesigned SDSS-stand. Not to forget that also the back side of this speaker is designed in perfection and shows the true dedication of Kharma.

The dB7 has also a new improved grill, which is made detachable by embedded magnets to really have the freedom to adapt the Elegance dB7 to your own style. With grill, the Elegance gives an elegant and luxury feeling, where the dB7 without grill shows the beauty of the new composite drivers without actual showing that a grill could be attached.


The heart of the speaker is formed by the double 7-inch Kharma Composite driver which is equipped with a new cone technology developed by Kharma. It consists of ultra high-tech rocket science/formula 1 based fibres created into a setting with optimised behaviour for the purpose. Finite element analysis with advanced computer systems have leaded to optimised cone-shapes with a near perfect behaviour for a 7-inch driver. This double 7-inch Kharma Composite driver therefore leads to an incredible detailed base.

High frequencies: 1 x 1-inch True Beryllium tweeter
Mid / Low frequencies: 2 x 7-inch Kharma Composite Driver (KCD)


Technical specs

Type: EL-dB7-1.0
System: 2-way
RMS Power: 150 Watt
Program power: 300 Watt
Frequency range: 29 Hz – 30 kHz
Nominal Impedence: 4 Ohm
Efficience 2,83V / 1m: 88 dB
Maximum SPL: 110 dB



The Elegance dB7 is compact of size. Therefore the detailed bass, this dB7 can produce, is even more impressive. This combined with the elegant design causes the dB7 to easily blend in your living room and bring the music alive.

Including Stand:
Width: 358 mm / 14.09 inch
Height: 1011 mm / 39.80 inch
Depth: 586 mm / 23.07 inch
Excluding stand:
Width: 265 mm / 10.43 inch
Height: 951 mm / 37.44 inch


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