The Michi X3 Integrated Amplifier delivers uncompromised audio performance conveniently packaged in an elegant industrial design. The X3 delivers 350 Watts of Class AB output power into 4 ohm loads maintaining musical accuracy with exceptional acoustic detail from the Analog, Digital, PC-USB, apt-X Bluetooth and Moving Magnet Phono Stage source inputs.

This may be the more affordable of two integrated amplifiers in Rotel’s revived Michi lineup, but it’s undoubtedly the sweet spot of the range, combining ‘drive anything’ confidence with speed, warmth and the ability to switch from pile-driver to a gossamer touch when required. There’s no shortage of power here, but the Michi X3 carries its massive output lightly, being fast, detailed and beautifully controlled, and is all the more rewarding as a result. Add in its flexibility, build quality and sheer style, and you have an amp able to take on all the super-integrated amplifiers now available and show most of them a clean pair of heels.

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